Stoopin', Smackin', and Slappin'?

It's a crazy world out there. And it's fool...er...full of people who are hating, who are living life out to get others different from them, and look for any opportunity to fight. So what do we do when we come into contact with people like that?

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also be like him. Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he be wise in his own eyes.
--Proverbs 26:4-5

Well, it seems our Voice in the Wilderness is in a situation where he must respond to a fool. Awhile back, I attempted to answer these questions asked by Adrienne, of That's So Adee along with my friend Jake, and found out a lot in response to what seems to be a very confusing verse.

Jake: "These verses from Proverbs tell us how to address a self confident, conceited, person who is acting foolishly. Verse 4 tells us when a person is acting conceited and haughty that we are not to stoop to their level and act the same way. If we do, then we are no better than they are. Sometimes people will challenge us with an attitude that is not Christian, hoping we will respond in like manner. For example, if someone yells at us or is angry with us, we should not respond in the same tone.

Also, my dad thinks that it is just a way of showing that it is a lose-lose sitiation, wheather you answer the 'fool' or not, you're going to have some kind of problem."

Tim: "Also, you sometimes need to expose the foolishness of fools, and other times not stoop to their level.

And one thing about Proverbs: It's really just general statements of truth. And it's not to be understood as prophecy or about certain effects and results as promises (according to the NIV study Bible). Proverbs is to give the benefits of wise living and the consequences of foolish living."

So what happens when someone comes up to you and punches you or someone you know? Wouldn't you knock them to kingdom come?

Logan attempted to make a scale in which he would knock out someone who maybe is a fool ranking somewhere from 6-10 (10 being the worst).

So does it work? Can you stick a fool into a category and then decide what your actions are based on your own ranking system. It's a thin line, and it may get harder if you try to make up your own way to decide what to do when you don't understand a verse.

Like Jake said, we don't need to stoop to their level. When they try to fight, and we decide to retaliate because "If someone hits you and you don't do anything then you will make the fool look wise in his own eyes." It won't becuase we aren't stooping to their level. They are so foolish, that they think they are wise in their own eyes, and it will please them that you have retaliated. The devil will use them.

I can put myself in your situation Logan, and so can many others, especially when you feel the rush of adrenaline when you hear someone mouth off, and you want to flatten their face. But we cannot do that. We must show that we have self control, and are wiser than they are. We shouldn't care what they think about us, but only what Christ thinks.

So, what if it comes down to Jr. trying to fight you? What if he jumps you, or your sister? Do you fight back.

Obviously, it is very dumb to allow someone to beat the living daylights out of you or your sister without doing anything. You can defend yourself. No more. You don't do anything more than beat him off of you, and get away without speaking any fould or degrading words. We should not be on the offensive in this case.

But I would hope it would not come down to something like that. It may seem like that, especially if you think about it a lot, and worry and even plan. But in the meantime, you need to do all you can to not do anything to aggrivate Junior. You need to be praying for him, and for you, to make the right decisions. You need to pray that God will work in his life and in your's as well.

So there is my two cents...everyone please tell me what you think and what you would do...praying for you Logan.