Linkage Galore

Talk about at lot of fun for liberals and conservatives alike! Go here to shoot paintballs at your least favorite website, or maybe you'd rather flood it?

Liberal Bloggers go here

Conservatives go here.

By the way Catez, that was wrong (just kidding).

HT goes to Rebecca Writes for that one.

A Physcisicst's Perspective has moved! Still Thinking should do his site in my opinion.

The Christian Carnival is up.

Total Depravity and Divine Knowledge by Tim Challies (I love this guy and his site. I like his style and it's affected mine a lot). What in the world does that mean? Well, it has to be good with about 65 (er..make that 67 and growing) comments on the post. I won't steal anything from Tim, except to say that if you read anything or click on any links in this post, this is the one to visit.

Catholic Blogs to visit: The Anchoress and I looked at theRoman Catholic Blog, and I stopped into The Corner. You can find more links from them.