I'm Still Thinking

still thinking
Still Thinking is a new blogger help business, there to help you! They are the one's helping me out with my site, and they may soon be able to do something for you. Check them out, they're awesome.

Check out the Challies forums today. I've signed up and you should too!

Jesus Ain't My Homeboy. How are you treating Christ and His Word? Have you noticed that Jesus seems to be the only major religious firgure that get's disrepected. And it's perfectly normal! I liked this from Rusty Lopez: "What is it about our culture that causes us to consider the creator of the universe just another one of the gang?"

The English Standard Version is taking over the blosphere? Adrian Warnock is covering the story. So do I like it? Well, I'm no great scholar, but from what I've heard it's really close to the NIV. I would probably use it in my Bible study with no problems, but since I've already memorized Scripture using the NIV, I wouldn't just switch over to only ESV. I'm still looking at it, but so far I'm for it. Count me in for now Adrian.

Radio Blogger says Mcain has switched parties. He might as well. These Democrats can't abuse the power of the filibuster. The good news is that Senator Frist will push for a showdown. He'll be backed by Senator Santorum and Senator Allen. On the Hugh Hewitt show "Senator Santorum began the program today, and the news was as bad as it gets. Do you have the votes to end the filibuster? "We're working on it." When will the vote occur? "Within a couple of months." Hmmmm....it better not be.

Help Jim out. He's doing a 630 degree turn and getting Physically fit be losing 180 pounds. Pray for him and keep him accountable. His blog is so awesome.

Don't miss the Online Homeschool Convention! Even if you're not homeschooled, I'm extending an invitation to you to infiltrate and see what we do and say. You'll like it, I'm sure.