Fired for Talking Truth?

Marty MIntoMarty Minto, Pittsburgh talk show host for WORD FM 101.5 was fired because he "alienated" listeners by entertaining a question on whether or not the Pope would go to heaven.

"Minto said he responded to a question about whether the pope would go to heaven with the belief held by many evangelical Christians that a person must be 'a born-again believer.'

'I said the question of whether a person is born again is something personal, something between an individual and the Creator,' Minto said. 'I believe it was a legitimate topic to discuss.'" (Pittsburgh LIVE)

But he was taken into the office after his show and fired.

"WORD-FM needs to function in this city in support of the entire church -- that means everybody -- and not focus on denominational issues," said Chuck Gratner, general manager of WORD-FM for the past 14 years.

From what I've seen so far, I don't see any reason that they needed to fire him except that he supposedly "offended" Catholics. He didn't say the Pope was going to hell. He only said that he does not agree with some of the Catholic Churches teaching, and I agree with him. It needs to change.

I don't know what WORD FM was doing...the Church is not going to be liked by all people, and they can't expect to not alienate some. It's a Christian station!

But Gratner said, ""We ended our relationship" with him because of differences in how he conducted his show."

If that's what they want, I guess they have the power to do so.

What finally gets me is this:

"The Rev. Ron Lengwin, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, said the diocese did not complain to WORD-FM regarding Minto's show. He said station management contacted the diocese to say that Minto had been fired. " (Pitt. LIVE)

If you'd like to e-mail Marty Minto and encourage him, you can do so by clicking here.