Drudge: Boy, You're In Trouble With Me

Matt Drudge (in the Times) on blogs:

“I don’t read them. I like to create waves and not surf them. And who are these influential bloggers? You can’t name one because they don’t exist.

Um, Matt. How about Glenn Reynolds? Hugh Hewitt? The guys at Power Line? Dude, you're totally missing it. He's in trouble with me on this one...


Back in the 1990s Drudge was a believer in the empowering potential of the internet. In a speech he said, “We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices. Every citizen can be a reporter, can take on the powers that be.”

Alex King Interview

"I wonder if he has read Hugh Hewitt's book Blog, because before I read that I couldn't have told you who the "influential bloggers" were. But I'm sure someone like him could have figured it out though."

Could be that Drudge might have a point?

Patrick Ruffini on Drudge vs. Blogs:

Bloggers are scratching their heads over this. After all, isn't Drudge the ultimate new media maven? Why is he saying this? The reason is actually quite simple.


Blogs are a threat to Drudge's leadership of Internet media. Major blogs like InstaPundit, and emerging Drudge competitors like The Roth Report, The Daou Report, and Memeorandum may be big fish by blogosphere standards, but they are a small but emerging threat to Drudge's millions of daily uniques. They're the Firefox to Drudge's Microsoft.

I'm with you all the way Patrick...he's right. Bloggers are a threat to Drudge, and he's not willing to help them out.


The Political Teen,has some thoughts:

Drudge is entitled to his opinion, however not when he steps over the hypocrisy line.

Drudge cannot be really telling the truth...he must be reading blogs daily. There is no doubt about it. Lies? Could possibly be. Double crosser? Hmmm...should I go that far?

InstaLink: He's talking about it: "Comparing Drudge to Microsoft? Them's fighting words!"

That's right Glenn. We don't take to supposed friends turnin' on us.

Also: When I search for blogs on the Drudge Report, guess what I get.