Busy Weekend

It's coming soon, really soon. And there is no kidding about it. This site is one of the best designed on the web, based on some of the best site designs out there. But it's not just a copy...it's ten times better than a basic copy. It's unique in it's own way, allowing you to find what you want fast, and reading what you want to read easily and efficiently. It's Agent Tim Online.

Coming Monday, May 1 or 2. Rated G. Look for cool pictures

This weekend is going to be really busy for me...tonight I have a piano concert that I am attending. The tomorrow, I will be working on laying down ceramic tile in my kitchen, which will need to sit, and can have no one walk on it until sunday night. So we will be gone all day Sunday. But I will be here to write my very first post on my new site.

I've been working with Still Thinking in the design, and am really loving the website. You are going to be liking it a lot. If you get a chance, mention it on your blog, to your parents, friends, and co-workers. Sound good? The site looks awesome...you will be blown away at the change.

Pray for me as I do all this work this weekend and that as I start "fresh" on this new site, that God will use the blog for his glory.

If you wondered, all comments and past posts will still be there for you to enjoy! So you don't have to worry about that.

I wish I could tell you more...but I'll hang you in suspense...