Comment/Trackback Policy

I've received some questionable comments in the past, and recently, and realized I did not have any policy for my comments or trackbacks. Mostly everyone has kept within these rules already, and I appreciate that. I welcome all new commenters too! Glad you've come and visited and please enjoy you visit!

The following rules were copied from Allthings2all with the exception of rule #5


1. No Advertising
There will be no exceptions to this. No advertising means no spam, and no comments that are obviously just designed to get people to go to your site.

2. No linking
The opportunity to link your website is already provided where it says Name, Email, Homepage.
If there are any other links your coment will be deleted. That includes typed in links that aren't hyperlinks.

3. No personal attacks or flaming
This hasn't really been an issue so far and I'd like to keep it that way. When people come here they are welcome. I don't want them being unwelcome because of how somehow has commented to them.

4. Stay on the topic
Please stay on the topic in the post. If you want to write a very lengthy reply because you disagree - please use your own blog. I'm not into arguing - again, if you completely disagree, then saying something on your own blog is probably best. I put time and effort into my posts and prefer not to have to then engage in arguments or debates with those who hold a totally opposite view. Genuine questions and comments continuing the discussion are fine.

Please keep all posts free of profanity. Any posts involving that will first be edited then if another post contains profanity, I will have to delete it. Further profanity, and I will have to ban you from the site. I do not wish to do that!

If you trackback here please ensure that your link is functional. Trackbacks are a way of continuing the discussion. If you are completely critical or oppositional to the post then I reserve the right to delete your trackback.

I do expect that you will have a link to the post you have tracked back to.

I reserve the right to edit or delete comments or trackbacks which are inappropriate. Generally this will be because the policy hasn't been followed.

Thanks to all the commenters that have already figured this stuff out. I love hearing from you. If you are new you are welcome too.