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Steven Curtis Chapman!!!!

On sunday night, I got to go to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert!!!! Casting Crowns and Chris Tomlin were their and I gotta tell you how incredible it was. The worship was great with Chris; He had us swaying to the music and dancin' to his gospel song (he's from Texas). Casting Crowns was great too! Mark Hall is really a cool youth pastor! After they were done, I think everybody had almost forgotten the SCC was still going to do his concert. I thought that he wouldn't beat the songs of Casting Crowns and Chris T. worship experience, but I was WRONG. Whew! We were really rockin' and having a lot of fun! Everything was new, so it was really interesting and exciting.
During the intermission, I got a shirt that says "Chapman Guitars" on it, so I can't wait to wear it tomorrow!
We got home at about midnight after stopping at Krispy Kreme (We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner). It was a really cool night.

The business is coming along. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some software soon. Backyard Graphic Design is coming soon.

I'm working on an article on tongues for Agent Commentaries.

Sprayz (Danny), my cousin, has a new blog, that I found interesting (and black LOL).

Have a great week,


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A picture of my mom's side of the family. I've got the green adn white shirt on. Standing towards the back. Posted by Hello


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're reading today, I might be posting some more pictures and other stuff!


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PA and Amish

Hello everyone! I'm back!
We got up Monday morning (after safely making it through Sunday [no football] LOL) at 5:30 and drove 15 minutes to my grandparents to pick up my great-grandma (she's 88) and then we met with my mom's mom (my other grandparents) and drove with 14 people in our big blue 15-passenger van all the way to the Herrs chip factory. Oh, yeah, we also had an emergency bathroom brake (I won't say any more just in case Danny's reading :-) ). Then we went to this place in Lancaster that had an Amish house and movie theatre about the Amish. Very interesting. During the movie, they had this bell that ring half way through to wake you up. Whew! When that thing rang, it sounded like Independence Day all over again. An to top it off everybody wasn't expecting it so we all had minor heart attacks. After the movie we went on a buggy ride. The manure was pretty bad, but you have to get used to it (I'm no country boy nor a city slicker, just a beach bum.) Then we all drove over to our hotel (Bird-in-Hand) and went swimming and played pool, (I lost when I scratched on the 8 ball). Then we ate a great dinner at the Smucker's restaurant next door.
The next day we got up, ate breakfast at the Smucker's restaurant. I managed to scald my throat with hot chocolate and come really close to spilling it all down my off-white shirt. Then we went to Sight and Sound theatres and watched "The Miracle of Christmas". Then we went to eat lunch and go to the Outhouse (A gag store) and I bought this air shooter (Pictures coming soon hopefully) and fake roll of $100's. Then we looked around at a store next door and drove home. It was a really fun trip!

Good things that I'm thankful that have happened the past two weeks:
--D.C. United won the MLS championship
--I still have all my teeth
--And school is (sort of) over for the week!

I can't wait until tonight, 'cause we're having a church Thanksgiving Eve FEAST! Always great fun, even though I usually can' t eat anything the next day. Oh well!

In Christ,


Spoken By the Sky

Today in my devotions, I read from my EC's (The weekend devs are really good). It started by telling the story of J.C. Savage, the inventor of the sky-writing airplanes. Since his invention, countless numbers of commercials, advertisements, and engagement proposals have been sketched across the sky.
But even before Savage was born, the skies have already been used to tell a different message. Psalm 19:1 says "The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims teh work of his hands." The heavens continue to announce and proclaim the majesty of God. The message of God is clear in every place on earth.
The devotional then went on to challenge me: "Look up Christian! God has given you a message to you taday. It's spoken by the sky and it directs you to Him."

God Bless,


Chpped Tooth

Okay this story is late, yet it's so vital I'm not going to pass up writing about it and etching it forever in the annals of blogville.

On Sundays, after church (12:00), our youth group is having our christmas musical practice (I'm the narrator). Every guy wanted to play football for just a few minutes (uh, 30 or so) before we have to sing and act.
So off we go to a youth football field next to the church to play tackle (TACKLE?!?) football. We'd done it the week before and everbody was pretty sore, but we're real men right? Uh, how 'bout no.
We start off the game, and everybody doing fine and having fun. Until I get behind [Name deleted for protection] and he gets tackled and swung around. And as he swings around his elbow decide to ["BOOM?CRACK!]. Uh huh, you guessed it, [Name] chipped my tooth...the front left (from my view). It really wasn't that bad, but man oh man, was it driving me nuts! It was sharp and ripped up my lips. So I got to go to the dentist and they fixed it up by putting a filling in (and tearing up my poor gums in the process.) So I now have a $275 smile!

Business-wise things are going good. I just have to make some more plans and get permission from my parents on some things.

In Christ,

P.S. Insurance price for my tooth was $21



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Page Errror Note

I'm having a small problem with my comments. If you know how to fix it I'd be glad to here what you have to say. I'm actually testing a new comment hack and it messed up. oops. lol.


A long week ahead

Hey everybody!
Had a script reading last night at church for our youth christmas musical, so I was in hurry to go. I've been messing with some pre-written css code for my "Backyard
Graphic Design(?)" website. I still am waiting to get some books on CSS, but the library hasn't seen me in a long while. I've also been trying out some blogger hacks whith the comments, but haven't had much luck.
Let's get down to business (LOL). I've been researching the tools I've got to get (InDesign, Paint Shop Pro, Quark XPress, and Adobe Illustrator are just a few.) and found the prices are pretty expensive. I'm going to have to do a few jobs withour earning money before I start making profit. Anyway, I will keep you updated. Oh yeah! I also might have a job soon just to get experience designing a logo.
I have a long week ahead! Last week of school before Thanksgiving break, and Thanksgiving week we are going to PA on monday and tuesday for a trip with our extended family.
Yesterday my Great-Grandma (Dad's side) came in from GA, and she might move here, and my mom's dad got here yesterday and he is probably going to move here too. Next Saturday my mom's brother and his family will be arriving from Illinois. So, I hope I make it through school this week. Yikes!
See ya later,


Business? Take 2

When I first posted I said I wanted to start an "animation or movie shorts" business. NO! I didn't mean to say that. Must have been in "la-la" land, if you know what I mean.
What I meant was I want to start a Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing business. I'll work on making newsletters, memos, logos etc. for small businesses and churches. I might also be able to expand to designing web pages when I have more experience. I'm still looking into it more in depth, but this has been something my Mom has wanted me to do since I was 12. And now I'm ready to take it on. Here's my plan:
1. Get some books on graphic design

2.Download Photoshop or After effects, or maybe Toon Boom Studio.

3.Start some serious design work for my home page

4. Draw, draw, draw

5.Draw some more

I don't know if this is going to work like I hope, but it's looking like a good idea. After looking at Jake's start at making his own web dev business, I decided to unveil my plans for sure. I'm going to re-do "Freedom Comics" soon, making it a Graphic Design site called Genesis Design, Backyard Design, or Beginnings Design. Any further ideas?


Said and Done

/ When all is said and done, /

/Our savior, /

/ Three in one, /

/ Will have the last word, /

/Said and done, / :

/ His will shall rule, /

/His will be done. /

Today in my QT, I decided to use a devotional we get through our Sunday school called EC's or Essential Connection. I turned to the weekend devotionals and saw that today's scripture was Genesis 1:3, " 'Let their be light,' and their was light." The devotional went on to talk about Jean-Luc Picard, captain of the starship Enterprise (never heard of him). One of his signature lines was, "Make it so." When his crew heard these words, they knew he trusted them to get the job done.

But it didn't always get done. Sometimes the crew was unable to accomplish what they were told to do. Even though this captain had lots of authority and power, everythingdidn't always come out the way he said it would.

But God is much different from the human commander. God's word has absolute power. When he said "let their be light" their was light. "His word is not only law, it is also as good as done." God has the power to help us through our entire life. We can trust him when he says the word. It will get done.

Ask God to help you "make it so " every time He asks you to do something for him.

Forever Gone

Whenever we give up apart of our faith, we lose it forever.


In the 1800s there were once great religious gatherings called camp meetings. In these meetings hundreds of people packed themselves into a giant "preaching shed" to hear the gospel spoken. There were many saved during these meetings, and great revivals came from these meetings too. But slowly these meetings became obsolete. "Times were changing" people said.

In the New Testament, all the believers worshiped together in one spirit, they had no disagreements about their faith, and they shared their money and land. The gospel spread rapidly through the Roman world. Years and years passed, and the church became filled with men who wanted not grace through faith, but works. The church became an outward visible institution, not the universal group of believers. The church had given up that wonderful church that was united together in one accord.

There are many other examples, but one we must look at during this day and age is marriage. If the church gives up marriage between only a man and a woman, we will lose that forever. If we give up the sanctity of life, we won't ever bring it back. God never forces his will on man. He gives them a choice, and if they don't obey his will they have to go their own way. And this way cannot be the way our churches go. We must not give up what God has so graciously given to us.


Law School Focuses on Duties of Catholic Politicians

Just reading this article on Family.org that was short, yet very interesting. I'm glad President Bush is in office, instead of Kerry right now. Read why:
Family.org - CitizenLink - FNIF News - Law School Focuses on Duties of Catholic Politicians

Why Do I Need a Prophet?

As sinful human beings, we are not able to know the will of God. The priests in the Old Testament were not able to fully reveal God to us. We were in need of someone to fully reveal God to us. Christ was our only perfect prophet because only he could fully reveal God to us because he was and is God(Ramey). He was the only one who could tell us what the will of God was. Without someone telling us the will of God, we wouldn't know what God wanted us to do. Jesus is the only one who perfectly revealed the will of God (Duet 18:18 with Acts 7:37; Matt. 13:57; Col. 2:9).

I Hope you are enjoying this series...It's actually a project for English that I'm doing right now. I'd like to hear my "Grade" for this assignment (so far--and be honest). My mom and dad will be interested to know too :-) !


New Blog

Check out my Mom's Blog that is Under Construction but usable.

Chrissy Crocker

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Guitars and Leaves

This Christmas I am hopefully going to be getting [money for] a guitar! I want an acoustic or an acoustic/electric and I'm still looking around. Does anybody have any ideas on what kind of guitar and good places to buy? Hopefully I'll be able to perservere and learn how to play the thing well :-).
We have a million leaves here in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area! It sure is beautiful, but I'm not really looking forward to raking them all up! Maybe we'll borrow a leaf blower?
Tonight is "Discipleship Night" at church. Every wednesday we have classes for all ages. Usually the classes are just deeper bible study than a normal sunday school would have. Right now though, in the youth department, we're working on "Montana Jones and the Christmas Crusade", a musical on December 7th & 8th. I'm the narrator and the main charachter "understudy". I'm doing great learning my Narrator lines, but the main charachter is another story. Prayer needed their.
My praise group also leads the worship for the youth on wednesday night (maybe I'll get to play my guitar someday!), and tonight will be Night Two of Mission Commitment week, a time to sign up for our youth mission trip this coming June ($775). I sure hope I can go to California with everybody!
Hope y'all are doin' great! GO BUSH--sorry kerry...not today.