Holloween? A Discussion

I don't know about you, but I don't like what holloween is turining out to be. More people in our neighborhood celebrate it more than they do Christmas! When I used to go trick' or 'treating, it didn't seem bad, but now that I know what it is all about, I really feel uncomfortable going out. I really do think it is absolutely fine to go out, but is that the very best thing to do? I wish I could go out and all, but not this year.
Tomorrow night we're going to my Grandma's house to just eat and have games and stuff, so I won't be missing out on anything. Plus, Friday night I went to the youth group costume party (and it got done way later than it was supposed to) and that was probably my holloween. They had a really cool "haunted" hay ride that was pretty creepy, but it was a lot of fun. One of our youth sunday school teachers own a farm, so he had everything all set up really nicely for the ride.
I can't post the game stats quite yet, but I'll tell you we were 2-2-3 this year(tied today). It was a REALLY funny day. The traffic was really bad by Annapolis High School because about 30,000 seniors were coming for flu shots. The line was HUGE! It was really a funny picture with all these people with walkers and canes and masks standing in a mile long line trying to get a flu shot.
The second funny thing was during the game, everybody else was getting slammed and slamming the other team, but when I leaped up beside a guy and bumped him, I got called! Oh, well...This was an exciting game, so you'll have to "stay tuned" unitl I have enought time to write it up.


Priest, Prophet, King

Hey Everybody,
I'm going to post this log on this site and www.catspaw007.blogspot.com since it's actually for school. I know Daniel is probably going to be commenting soon, so I want to hear from you. Also give the link to Evan or anybody else for that matter.

I had to write an essay on Christ as our priest, prophet, and king; this is the first of the three paragraphs that will soon make up the essay as a whole.

Why Do I Need A Priest?

Our sin has separated us from God, who is totally perfect and holy. We are unworthy to be with God, so we must have someone who is worthy to be with God to let us communicate to God through this perfect person.

God's system of priests offering sacrifices form sin in the Old Testament is the symbolic picture of the innocent death of Christ on the cross for all mankind's sin. No amount of animal sacrifice could actually remove sin (Hosea 6:6, Hebrews 10:1-6). Since animals have no moral value to make up for moral sin, priests were just as unworthy in God's presence as the most sinful soul on the earth. They had no place being the mediator between us and God. But Jesus was the perfect priest who sacrificed His life for all human sin once and for all(Hebrews 9:24-28).

BTW, I will be posting my stats for my soccer team this week, so you may be interested in seeing that. Also, I will be having a discussion on...hmm, I'll just leave you in suspense...on my other site writtent above. Also PLEASE look at my Freedom Comics website. I'm posting a whole lot of new bits of my art that you can look at and BUY(safely).



I noticed I haven't really fully introduced myself.

Tim's Stats:
Age: 14(1/2 ;)
Height: 5'10" (I'm a tall 14teen year old)
B-Day: 3.5.90
Hobbies: Sports, Web Design, Art(Comics),
Interesting things about me: I play the piano, I sing in a praise group in my youth group, I live by the chesepeake, I don't own a dog(boo hoo...really!), and I am in 9th grade.
Siblings: 4 (3 boys, 1 girl)
Favorite Subject: Um...Science is probably the best
School: Homeschooled and I do sattelite classes live
Misc.: I have my own computer that's slow and my own room
Best thing: I am a christian teenager that has a cool website (Agent Commentaries)--It's my favorite.

Well, Bye!


Today's Game

/By Catspaw007/
/(copyright) 2004, Catspaw007/
It all started on this cold saturday morning on a muddy soccer field outside Annapolis.
The two teams were facing off in a huge match. Last time these two teams had faced each other they had been forced to play 7 players on the field at once, due to the lack of players showing up. In a grueling 60 minute game, the opposing "Purple team" came out victorious--1-0.
But not today.
Team Orange was at full power today, starting the first half off by moving the ball towards the goal and keeping it there 90% of the time. They were dominating the ball, keeping possession of it more than half of the game. The right forward was able to get it passed the keeper thanks to a forward pass from the center forward. The "purple team" then got two breakaways, but missed the shots at the goal.
The second half was tense as both teams looked to either win, tie, or lose, with neither knowing the conclusion. Team Orange again was able to keep the ball close to the opposing goal, but on the times the "purple team" got down close to their goal, Team Orange's defense seemed to be collapsing. Two corner kicks nearly made the score 1-2, with "team purple" up by one. But I was their as right midfielder to boot the ball away from the goal and up the sidelines.
Then on a corner kick, "purple" was called for a handball in the goal box, which gave Team Orang a "Free Kick" (like overtime shots, except only one person get to shoot at the goalie). Unfortunetly, they missed by a mile.
Then with 35 seconds left, I was able to rebound a shot from our center midfielder (that bounced off the crossbar) and put it right into the goal. GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!
And that's how the game ended. A great game, that was fun and hard at the same time. Much better than last week!
Well hope everyone has a great Saturday, and learns a lot at church tomorrow.
In Christ,


Red Card

Pre-Game--Teperatures were in the 30's to 40's this morning, about 10 minutes before game time. Everyone was warming up, but only few were warm. It looked like a hard head-to-head match, but "Team Orange" (team name, really!) looked like they had the advantage.
Game-Time--The game started off with the ball being quickly stolen away from the opposing team and brought down the field. After a shot or two, Team Orange was awarded a corner kick, which resulted in a heading of the ball into the goal. The goal was actually headed into the hands of the goalie, but his hands were inside the goal--1-nil.
Then, close to the end of the first half, the opposing team got a goal, which shouldn't have happened. After missed opportunity after missed opportunity they maneuvered around our defense and scored on our goalie, whose view of the ball was blocked by his own defensemen. The score was now 1-1. Then I was called for dangerous play, because I kicked the ball while laying on the ground--Big no, no--Yellow card! The second half began with the score tied up at 1-1, and at kickoff our center booted the ball to our left halfback, who kicked it past the defense. The ball began to roll toward the goalie hands, and I sprinted to beat him to the ball. Unfortunely, I was late, and was called for "Charging the goalkeeper". Red card!
For those of you who don't know the rules of soccer, I'll explain what happens with a "red card" and how you get it. First of all, a yellow card is awarded on your first offense of certain rules. Two yellow cards = a red card. A red card can also be awarded by itself, without two yellow cards, in serious offenses--Like charging the keeper. I technically got two yellows, but literally I got 3, since my second offense equaled two yellows. Now, a red card means simply this: You're KICKED OUT OF THE GAME! I couldn't believe it! I NEVER get kicked out of games. The sad thing is, I really didn't deserve to get kicked out. --Player Commentary-- As a soccer player, I think a red card is only worth getting if you do something REALLY bad, which I REALLY didn't. If you get a red card, you'd hope you did something worth getting kicked out of the game for. BTW, I am NOT arguing with the call. The ref made a lot more good calls than bad.--End Player Commentary--. Well, anyway, It was still a great game. Oh, yeah! WE TIED :( :) Injury is completely gone, so I've been feeling great this week
In Christ,


Thursday Update

Okay, You may have noticed that my last post (Sharing Your Faith...With a Muslim) was on this blog, instead of Agent Commentaries. It was an accident on my part, and I will be switching it over to the other blog this weekend. Anyway. I'd love to hear your comments on it.
I have soccer practice tonight, and after our fantastic win (the first of the season) it should be interesting. BTW, we are 1-2-1, not 1-10-0 or anything like that! The best decision in the game was made by our coach (I hope you don't mind all this late commentary on the game) with some position changing. He switched me from midfield (hallelujah! Soccer players you understand my muscle soreness.) And put a great player (Name will be Sam*) in my place. In that way he strengthened both our Mid line and offense. See one of my strengths is my ability to know where people are and to know where the goal is. My mid line was (and is) now made up of great passers and guys like Sam who can get the ball in front of the goal or into the goal from farther back. Hopefully this will be the case this Saturday (same time, same place, but a different team). My injury is 99.9% gone, and I'm praying it won't come back with the all the running I have to do these next 3 days. I should be fine though. Okay, I wasn't going to put this in on this log, but I left my cleats in the rain last night, so I had to stick them in the dryer. Hopefully they don't shrivel up on me and die. Evan, when you read this, you can laugh at me on Sunday ( Also, Jake, I'm proud to announce that my reading audience may be growing this weekend. So you may have some company when it comes to commenting on my posts. The only problem is I can't get my readers to remember the correct web address. If it has more than .com it's too hard to remember these days!) Well, got to go to practice. I'll try to post tomorrow, but if I can't, you can be assured that a play-by-play commentary is coining your way Saturday. Stay tuned!
*Name changed for the safety of the real person
P.S. Adding this late...We won our scrimmage at practice tonight--I assisted, but I'm back at right midfield. The cleats held up fine!


Monday Update

Happy Columbus Day to everybody! I'm working on a new site design, but it's not going to be up anytime soon. So just hang tight, and I'll have something soon. Watch my Commentaries from an agent of God blog, 'cause I've got a really cool "Aricle" about sharing Christ with Muslims, or anyone for that matter.
I'm feeling a lot better (read saturday notes). Looks like I'll be all ready for the next game.
If you notice that the blogger toolbar is looking weird in any other browser than ie 6.x, please tell me. I'm trying to work out a bug that came up when I tried to do a little custimation on the site.
Tomorrow I will finally be starting in "pre-Chemistry" in Physical Science. Mr.Harmon, my satellite teacher does a great job at explaining things so I shouldn't have any trouble understanding all those syblols. YIKES! I'm just keeping my average grade at an A, and hoping to keep it there!
Well, hope somebody comments...Evan, I'll get you the site address Wednesday at church.



Web Editing

I'm specifically talking to you Jake, but if anyone else wants to comment, feel free to do so.
Okay, here are my questions:
1. I know you can edit the template on your blog, but how would I keep the "blog format" (I'll explain more if you need me to), and make my own design. I want to be able to still post, etc.
2. I noticed you had certain posts that had scripture. They were different from the regular posts with the line down the left side? I think I know how to do that, but would you give me the code to put in the post...Thanks!

I'm going to get some books at the library on CSS on monday hopefully, so I'll be able to do some changes soon.

Well, hope to talk to you soon. I'll be reading your posts...
In Christ,

Saturday Notes

Wow! What a day! I got up today at six for a my soccer game (which started at 7:55,...AM!) Well, my sacrifice of sleeping in paid off. After an embarrising goal made by the other team early in the first half(their center midfielder lofted it right over top of our goalie, I scored to tie the game at 1-1, by tapping in a beatiful pass made by the left midfielder. Then in the second half, we got ahead by one with my nice shot into the left lower corner (compliments of another great set of passes). This made the game 2-1, with about 25 minutes left. Then, the other team scored to tie it up with an almost identical shot as their first goal. We rallied and got a nice far-back shot wich bounced off the keeper and into the goal, making it 3-2, and I got an assist when I need it right into the goalkeeper, the ball bounced off of his hands, and my right wing scored to put us ahead by two. --All in all a great day, except I'm on pain killers because of an injury I got in practice that just started to bother me.


Ex-Muslims for Christ

--Looks like a great sites by christian muslims (ex-muslims)-- I'm looking deeper into it right now
Muslims for Christ

Sharing Your Faith With Muslims

I'm reading through this booklet right now and it looks pretty good. I will be talking more about this on my other weblog : Commentaries From an Agent of God.
PDF File



Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Have LOTS of fun reading these posts! Feel free to comment on any log entry (except this one! Just kidding!).